Controller / Accountant

We are looking for an experienced Controller / Accountant for our business operations. The individual needs to be a great team player, be an advocate of the business vision, and want to succeed by contributing to the financial success of the company.

We offer an above average pay, a premium health benefits package, continuous training and development as well as internal career opportunities.

•Completes retail facility accounting and bookkeeping activities.
•Reconciles accounts at the end of the month.
•Provides analytical, administrative, and financial information to department managers and the Retailer.
•Maintains the most up-to-date profit-and-loss information available within the retail facility.
•Daily and Monthly Account Operations
•Interdepartmental Relations
•Cash/Profit Management
•Account reconciliation
•Communication with External Sources
•Knows proper accounting methods and instructs his or her team members in those methods.
•Responsible for the control of administrative logs, such as tracking employee benefits, holidays, Payables, Receivables.
•Performs other tasks, based on management requirements and instructions.

Qualifications: (Requirements and Competencies)
•Minimum four years of experience working in an accounting environment.
•Must be bilingual.
•Undergraduate degree in Accounting (or over 10 years of accounting experience in a managerial role).
•Ideal candidate will have the designation of CGA, CMA or CPA.
•Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
•Knowledge of applicable local, provincial, and federal regulations and laws
•Ability to administer payroll (automatic or manual)
•Ability to conduct basic financial analysis
•Ability to administer purchase orders (automatic or manual) and fixed assets
•Ability to establish and maintain key filing systems, including financial records and team member folders
•Working knowledge of bank and insurance terminology and processes
•Knowledge of computer systems and proficient keyboarding skills. Including Excel.
•Full mathematical skills, including the ability to compute financial formulas, interest, turnover, net book value, etc.
•Ability to work in a fast-paced industry.
•Able to plan and organize their daily, weekly and monthly schedules to meet all deadlines and deliverables on time (i.e. Payables, Receivables)
•Focused, driven, team player, with strong and effective interpersonal skills.
•Is capable of conveying necessary information (in writing and verbally) to other managers in the retail facility and to the Retailer when requested.
•Must be capable of working independently, effectively managing his or her time and work flow.
•Requires the completion of numerous routine reports for the retail facility, including the Warranty Claims Register, Daily Operating Report, and monthly Cash Flow Statement.
•Extensive analytical work necessitating analysis and problem solving.
•Periodically long hours (month end)
•Employee and customer Enthusiasm

Please send your application to Sebastien Laplante, General Manager, and to Stephanie Laplante, General Manager,